Cats and Dogs and Frogs and Mice


I am a dog person.  I love dogs.  Big ones, little ones, pure bred and mutts. 

(All dogs, that is except one…my friend Kim’s dog Cujo, I mean Cocoa.  Cujo, I mean Cocoa, tries to bite me every time he sees me.  He has succeeded in drawing blood twice.  But that is another story for another day.)

Having said that I am a dog person, I would like for you to meet our cat.  Erin (the youngest) was 10 years old and had been asking and asking for a kitten.  After the divorce, I relented and allowed Erin to have a kitten.  A fantastic lady that I worked with at the time, had a mama cat with a litter needing homes.  We went over to her house and looked at, petted, and held all the kittens.  Erin finally decided on a little gray striped ball of fur.

The very first thing you do when you are the proud owner of a new kitten is pick out a name.  Fluffy?  No.  Tiger?  Nuh uh.  No, Erin would not settle on a normal cat name.  She thought and thought, finally deciding on naming it after two people she loved a lot.  The cat’s name?  Bob Carl Lloyd.  Bob after the preacher of our church at the time and Carl Lloyd after our back door neighbor and one of the sweetest men ever.  Erin said she didn’t want Mrs. Betty (Mr. Carl Lloyd’s wife) to be the only one in the neighborhood hanging out the back door yelling for Carl Lloyd.

Oh, and did I mention that Bob Carl Lloyd is a female?

Fast forward about a year.  Emily (the oldest) had a wonderful science teacher that allowed her students to bring creatures to school for extra credit in her class.  Emily has always been slightly (OK, extremely) squeamish.  It was a big deal for her to collect bugs and worms and other squiggly wigglies to take to class.

One afternoon she was in the back yard and saw a frog.  Emily caught that frog and brought it into the house.  We quickly found a jar, punched some holes in the lid, and loosely placed the lid on the jar awaiting a trip to science class the next day.

Life went on as normal for the rest of the day.  We made sure the frog was comfortable and out of the way of Bob Carl Lloyd before going to bed that night.

When the alarm went off the next morning, Emily bounded out of bed to check on the frog- forseeing all sorts of extra credit points in that Mason jar.  When she got into the living room, she stopped short.  I then heard screaming and crying and gagging.  The jar, safely out of the reach of Bob Carl Lloyd the night before, was lying on its side in the floor…with the lid off.  Lying next to the jar was the frog…well, the frog’s head was lying next to the jar.  And Bob Carl Lloyd was sitting several feet away, casually licking her fur, looking up at us as if to say, “Frog?  What frog?”

Needless to say, there were no extra credit points given to Emily that day.  All she got was a cold rag for her head and tissues for her tears.  She still can’t talk about this incident without feeling a little sick to her stomach.

It wasn’t long after this incident, that I discovered a mouse in the garage.  I thought to myself, “Hey, if she thinks frogs are tasty, she’ll love this mouse.”  So I put her in the garage to scout out and get rid of the mouse.

About an hour later, I checked on her.  There she was, the brave lioness, on top of the washing machine, watching the mouse frolic on the garage floor.  Who ever heard of a cat afraid of a mouse?  Well, now you have!

One of our favorite holiday (or anytime) treats…

Puppy Chow

9 cups Crispex or Chex cereal

½ cup peanut butter

1 cup milk chocolate chips

Powdered sugar

Melt the chocolate chips in a sauce pan over low heat or in a microwave.  When melted, add the peanut butter.  Stir until smooth.  Add cereal and stir until coated.  Pour powdered sugar in a large plastic bag.  Add covered cereal and shake until coated well in powdered sugar.  Store in an air-tight container.

You can also add stuff to this after you take it out of the powdered sugar…m&m’s, raisins, pretzels, coconut.  The only limit is your imagination!


This is a Christmas card we sent a few years ago.  Featuring…you guessed it…Bob Carl Lloyd!

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