Blue Houses


I grew up in a “blue” house.  It was just like everybody else’s house – we went to church, to school, to work – we played, we fought, we laughed and cried. Our house just had a patrol car in the driveway.

I was proud of the fact that my dad was an Alabama State Trooper. It made him stand out – not that his 6’4″ frame didn’t cause him to stand out, anyway. In my mind, he was just a little more special, a little more wonderful, a little more brave than others.

I grew up knowing that he faced danger. I grew up knowing that everyone is not good and kind. I grew up knowing that if anything bad were to happen, an entire community would have had our backs.

I don’t see how kids in “blue” houses stand it now. How do they come to terms with the fact that there are people actively hunting the badge the same way hunters hunt deer?  How do they let their moms and dads in blue go, after a good bye hug?  And who has their back?  They don’t live in a country led by leaders who cheer the men and women in blue, like I did as a child.

Were all the police officers honest and good and fair?  Of course not. Its not that way now, it wasn’t that way then.

What have we done as parents, to raise a generation that has no respect for anyone? No respect for authority, no respect for family or friends, and no respect for self.  It seems as if it has only taken a generation or two to completely destroy the heart of this country. Is it impossible to think we might restore it just as quickly?

I’m not loudly political. But I don’t understand how we, as a country, keep electing officials that only care about power and self and their own agenda and then we are shocked when those same officials use opportunities like the murder of police officers too push their own agendas, flaunt their power and speak only what they think is important.

It is comforting to know that God has the backs of all those kids in “blue” houses. They are going to need Him. We all are.



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